The Qonsult Competencies

In times of globalisation and consolidation of companies and markets, mergers and acquisitions have to be analysed systematically, planned in a structured way and realised profitably. QONSULT supports M&A processes in the following fields of expertise:

  • Pre-acquisition phase on the vendor and buyer side - e. g. analysis, planning, development of concepts

  • Acquisition phase - e. g. market & commercial due diligence

  • Post-acquisition phase - e. g. strategy implementation, organisational changes, management changes, cost cutting, restructuring

Transaction Support through Commercial & Market Due Diligence

The motive for selling or buying a company can result from different entrepreneurial interests, whereas the number of transactions can strongly vary depending on the economic framework. Uneffected by their parameters, for the later success of a transaction, a proper evaluation of the company and the market (quality of the due diligence) is essential. Acquisition price and strategic concept have to be evaluated accordingly to reach the goal related with the transaction.

Quality in the evaluation of a company can be reached through a systematic approach of the due diligence:

  • Market and competitor analysis, including the identification of growth potentials, sectoral trends, integrating client and expert interviews

  • Strategy evaluation including analysis of the market focus and the product strategy

  • Evaluation of research and development under consideration of products under development and future market potential

  • Transparent evaluation of the results of the analysis through a strengths & weaknesses diagram (SWOT-analysis)

  • Validation of business plans in consideration of assumptions, market information through benchmarks, as well as analysis of costs and revenues

  • Quantification of upside/downside potential (buyer due diligence)



Recommendations regarding chances will be given, risks will be highlighted. Applying its structured and systematic due diligence approach, Lexington has supported transactions with volumes up to 1 billion euros.


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