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Qonsult Group of International Experts
Qonsult is an international partnership of independent consulting companies that works collaboratively to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive range of services. Qonsult improves organisational performance through an integrated approach in work with our clients.

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Financial Management in TV-Stations
Qonsult is highly experienced in implementing decentralized responsibilities for performance and results with the respective controlling instruments for radio and television stations.

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Improving results by receivable management
The Qonsult Receivable Reduction Project identifies the improvement potentials, line out efficient procedures, and supports the implementation of optimized processes. The project goals include permanent reporting of the target and actual figures.

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About 80% of the mergers in the USA miss their initial objectives. Therefore, it is crucial to create a common reality for management and the employees. Successful change cannot be imposed it must be negotiated involving all participants. The main objective of Management of Change is to solve the conflicts arise and make the change happen.

For more information about professional support in Management of Change you may view this article or send an E-mail to pmi(at)

Irma Tyler-Wood is partner at Thoughtbridge which is the Boston office of Qonsult.

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