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The Qonsult Competencies - E-Learning

Qonsult can help you prepare, design, and provide online training to employees on a wide range of topics, custom fit to meet your needs. We have over 15 years of experience developing e-Learning programs including our gold WorldMedal award-winning CD-ROM, Bridging Cultures.

While we develop many custom and proprietary programs, you can view several demos of our products and abilities below.

You can use an e-Learning course in conjunction with our consulting efforts to achieve a strategic objective or as its own program to convey specific information or instruction to your organization. E-Learning courses can be ideal for various reasons:

Whether you need to align your organization on the same corporate strategy, train on human resource issues, or instruct sales professionals on a new product, we can use our vast network of experts to develop a course that engages and instructs. Ultimately, our aim is to give you the most value while providing highly personalized products and services with great customer service.

For more information contact our New York or Toronto offices.