Qonsult Group

The Qonsult Competencies - Financial Management

Qonsult is a consulting company focused on improving its client's organizational strength and its financial performance.
The key consulting areas are:

Performance driven profit center organization
Improvement of performance through decentralized profit centers and the development of corresponding controlling systems
Cost cutting and profit improvement
Quick analysis of the cost positions and benchmarking efficiencies, identification of improvement potential of performance and results, and support with reaching the improvements
Clear and reliable financial information
Calculation and presentation of financial information and key figures to the management, shareholders and investors based on German HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP; implementation of the respective performance measurement instruments and support of the day-to-day corporate performance management
Strategic accounting and reporting
Support of the corporate strategy in financial accounting and reporting; identification of open options within the framework of international financial standards; definition of corporate accounting and reporting guidelines in line with the corporate objective

Qonsult understands the work of consulting as the client's investment in the sustained improvement of their performance and financial results. In general, the proved value of the projects exceeds the cost by a multiple.

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