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The Qonsult Competencies - Leadership Development

Leadership plays an integral role in managing change, resolving conflict, negotiating issues, and facilitating transformation. As a leader, you are charged with getting the most out of your organization's human capital, and leveraging resources to achieve your goals.

Qonsult works at both the individual and organizational levels to help leaders maximize the synergy between their individual talents and the organization's potential. Our leadership development approach helps you to envision your preferred future state, and build well defined-strategies to attain that future. Qonsult's work builds from a collective team effort that increases trust and deepens commitment to your organizational goals.

An Integrated Approach to Leadership Development
At Qonsult, we take a customized approach to each organization's needs, using our distinctive Integrated Model of Leadership® development. Our model unites technical skills - those used to solve clear cut problems with predictable solutions - and adaptive skills - those used to address complex issues requiring collaboration with groups and individuals. Leaders use both technical and adaptive skills on a daily basis. However, the reality is that 90% of the problems they face are adaptive, while 90% of the training they receive is technical. The Integrated Model of Leadership balances the two types of skills to instill the kind of broad (inner) awareness you can use to achieve excellent (outer) performance. Using this integrated approach, we train, advise, and coach leaders to meet their complex challenges in corporate, educational, and non-profit organizations. Qonsult can help you and your organization achieve its leadership development goals through:

Proven tools such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Brain Mapping, and the MeyerSalovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test, we work with both individuals and groups to help them understand their own leadership style, abilities, and strengths.
Executive Leadership Coaching
Individual coaching, we help you capitalize on your own self-knowledge to improve results in the workplace. Qonsult consultants work with you one-on-one to develop and implement your leadership skills. We provide advice and guidance based on deep listening and our knowledge and expertise in the field.
Leadership Development Training
Inner Work of the LeaderTM: Your authenticity as an individual often determines whether or not people follow you as a leader. The Inner Work of the LeaderTM, takes you through a process of self-discovery that helps you identify your own leadership potential and develop a plan to reach your goals.
Program Development and Facilitation
We have developed leadership education and resources for diverse organizations such as The Kansas Health Foundation, Leadership Montana, Leadership Wyoming, The University of Indianapolis, Indiana University Medical School and more.

Through our expertise in leadership development and process facilitation, we provide customized training to address your organization's specific challenges.

To learn more about how Qonsult can help you and your organization develop adaptive leadership capacities, contact us today.
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