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The Qonsult Competencies - Process Redesign

We are continuously developing our know-how in various service areas. Questions regarding central top management issues as well as classic management disciplines such as strategy or re-/organisation are examined in detail and evaluated for the best degree of preparation in the interest of our clients. Our efforts create new solutions and new methods like process-based benchmarking for company diagnosis or an optimised support of our clients within the scope of M&A transactions. To bring in line pure "doing" and content, our consulting teams are supported by experts and specialists from respective branches and fields of knowledge.

The current international economic development with growing networks and global competition forces companies to adjust more quickly to an ever-changing environment. Mid-sized family companies and even large corporations have to redesign their operations constantly to reposition themselves within their markets. In cooperation with our clients, we develop strategic concepts focussed on immediate implementation and measurement of ongoing success. Classic strategic instruments are applied accordingly to current and basic demands put on the company:
  • Market & competitor analysis - e. g. market volumes, segments, supply chain, sales channels, market trends
  • Company analysis - e. g. products, clients, market shares, organisation, processes, profitability, business plans
  • Strategy development - e. g. growth (organic or through acquisition), consolidation, cost cutting, change of control
  • Strategy implementation - e. g. transformation into business plans, definition of measures and responsibilities, measurement of results
The time of reaction of a business on environmental changes is critical for its success. Often, the organisation's procedures and structures are not created or designed according to live up to current and future demands. Outdated processes and procedures turn out to be inefficient and uncoordinated resulting in loss of time and money. We support businesses, which have to slim down their operation in creating a more efficient organisation in time with modern standards and strategies (structure follows process follows strategy). In re-/organisation projects QONSULT focusses on three areas of expertise:
  • Process design - e. g. benchmarking of process efficiency, process analysis and process optimisation
  • Organisational structure - e. g. analysis and optimisation of structural organisation
  • Implementation - e. g. realisation of process or organisational optimisation, follow-up of improvement potentials, management support or coaching
By the approach of business process reengineering, all three areas of expertise are systematically connected.

The tool "process based benchmarking" has been developed by Qonsult for company diagnosis in re-/organisation projects. Process-based benchmarking allows the identification of service improvement and cost cutting potentials. Company Diagnosis through Process-Based Benchmarking The provision of comparable services, e. g. administrative services or services related with production, is conducted in many different organisational ways, even within the same company. Whereas in one company, logistics is located within fulfilment, in other companies it might be located in the purchasing or administration department. In some cases, sales of refurbishment services will be realised through an independent sales organisation while in other cases it will be part of a centralised sales department. As diverse as the reasons for different organisational structures can be, as diverse is their complexity. Diversity creates intransparency and complicates the comparability and the process of finding internal best practices or applicable external benchmarks. Process-based benchmarking allows the comparison of companies which are organised differently but produce similar services using the following proceeding:

Process-based benchmarking has been used for diagnosis of companies with 800 to 40.000 employees and sales volumes from 150 mill euros to 11 bn. euros worldwide. Transparency on where improvement potential is located within the company provides the basis for their successive realisation. In many companies process-based benchmarking has been the start for a process-oriented company view followed by the implementation of a process-based management and HR-reporting. For further information contact Henner Kollenberg